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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Project Millennium, Inc. do?

Project Millennium, Inc. is an outsourced marketing firm. We are employed by Fortune 500 clients to conduct INSIDE sales and marketing face to face with their customers.

Is training provided?

Absolutely, and it’s paid! We feel the best way to motivate an individual is to fully prepare them for anything that they can face. Confidence derives straight from the result, and we specialize in results for our clients!

What are the day-to-day operations like?

What is required of the position?

Our team is responsible for account management of any and all sales they have made. This includes but is not limited to inside sales, account retention, brand representation, promotional marketing, and customer service.

Is a degree required for a position at Project Millennium, Inc?

A degree is recommended, however, not required. We provide hands-on application of our training daily. We feel this is the best way to develop our team and prepare them for anything they may experience.

What is the compensation like?

Our pay structure at Project Millennium, Inc. is a mixture of Base, Bonus, and Commission. Compensation structure changes as responsibilities change.

What experience is needed?

None! Project Millennium, Inc. provides an in-depth training program for all levels of experience!

What does Project Millennium, Inc. look for in its candidates?

Project Millennium, Inc. is expanding this year, therefore, we are looking for candidates who are eager to develop professionally and personally. Our ideal team member is fun, motivated, ambitious, goal-oriented, and somewhat competitive to succeed.

Extensive experience in brand marketing, retail sales, and leadership development.